Things I've Learned from Anime

I recently watched some particularly bad children's anime on Hulu, which has inspired this list.

  1. It's important to keep your promises... even if it kills you.
  2. If you love enough, you can gain magical powers.
  3. People who are trying to kill you, might become your friends if you fight them enough.
  4. Violence is a great way to show affection.
  5. Attacking your teachers is a great way to pass tests.
  6. If you're not willing to die with your friends, you don't truly love them.
  7. Repeatedly blowing up your school has no meaningful consequences.
  8. Animals are named after their favorite word.
  9. Saying random syllables after every sentence just means you have an accent.
  10. The harder you are beaten, the more likely you will power up.
  11. Americans.... speak... really... slowly....and.... clearly.
  12. Girls can pull anything out of their purse.
  13. Girls can pull hammers out of thin air.
  14. Everyone has a tragic backstory.
  15. Flashbacks occur when you most expect them... even if you've seen it before.
  16. Fighting someone is a great way to understand them... especially if they die.
  17. Every party needs a Chinese girl.
  18. The coolest weapon is a sword.  Other weapons pretend to be swords to look cooler.
  19. The worse a girl cooks, the more often she shares.
  20. If you are different, children will bully you.
  21. Children do best when their parents are never seen.
  22. Grocery store lotteries are the great enabler.
  23. Angry women can do anything.
  24. High schools are run by student councils.
  25. Songs with more English make less sense.
  26. Tantrums are a great way to get what you want, but only if you're cute.
  27. The standard unit of skill is 100 years.  (You're 100 years too early to...)
  28. Promises made to 6 year old girls are legally binding.
  29. There's always another conspiracy.
  30. Small children always run away after you give them something.
  31. Defeat builds character, especially if you win the rematch later. 
  32. A fall from any height is safe, as long as someone catches you at the bottom.
  33. Wings can make anything fly (no matter what they're made of).
I'll post more if inspiration strikes again.


So I normally run Firefox without allowing pages to set their own fonts.  So I didn't realize until recently that the template I picked for my blog has ugly fonts.  I apologize, (though my readership consists mostly of me, so I guess no one was seriously harmed).  At any rate, I now have mostly no fonts, so if it looks bad change your browser's default fonts.