C Projects

I've been trying to find a nice way to host images on my Piwigo server... The problem I've had is that I don't have enough disk space on my server to host all of my full-size photographs, so until recently I'd been sshfs-mounting them off of an AWS instance that was connected to my Dropbox.  Then my year of free AWS ran out, and I was back to searching for a solution.

I eventually ran across this post at Odd One Out who had figured out how to generate the thumbnails Piwigo needs offline.  So I hacked his script up, and now I'm sshfs-mounting my photos off a much slower (and cheaper!) network connection, and pushing the thumbnail images there separately.  (I figure it's very rare for someone to actually download my full images, so I can live with that being a little slower.)

Inspired by the idea that scripts randomly posted to the Internet might be useful to someone, I formatted and posted a set of the C utilities I've written to my website: http://www.banack.net/~bob5972/projects/